Day 11 – Destination: Toad River, BC

Elliott’s post (Geoff’s post is below – make sure you check it out – it’s a great read)

The day started out nice enough…little did we know what was in store for us…

Our campsite was surrounded by tall birch trees and the windy night provided a wonderful sound to fall asleep to. I love . . . → Read More: Day 11 – Destination: Toad River, BC

Day 12 – Destination: Teslin, YT

Elliott’s post

After yesterday, my whole perception of what’s hot and cold, what’s wet and dry, what’s sunny and cloudy completely changed.

We woke up in our cabin after a really nice sleep on an actual bed (you can see even Panis the sheep got some good shuteye) and it was still “drizzling” and “cold”, . . . → Read More: Day 12 – Destination: Teslin, YT

Day 13 – Destination: Burwash Landing, YT

I’m writing this post two days late and honestly having trouble remembering what the morning ride was like. I remember the afternoon but the morning is a blur. I think my internal clock is getting a bit skewed by the persistant daylight. That being said, I’m pretty sure it rained and I’m pretty sure there . . . → Read More: Day 13 – Destination: Burwash Landing, YT

Day 14 – Destination: Glenallen, Alaska

Elliott’s post:

What what, Alaska!?!?!

Not so fast…woke up in Burwash Landing to another frickin downpour. Son of a!!!!

At least the rain subsided and we were off – about 100 miles to the Alaska border and we stopped in the last Canadian town on the Alaskan Highway, Beaver Creek, for lunch.

Had a salmon . . . → Read More: Day 14 – Destination: Glenallen, Alaska

Day 15 – Destination: Anchorage, Alaska

Elliott’s post

Well, it’s been a little over two weeks and about 4600 miles but we’re on the cusp of arriving into Anchorage.

Geoff is very worried about his tire (as am I). The steel belting is totally showing through at this point, but it’s a holiday, in Alaska, and really no other choice but . . . → Read More: Day 15 – Destination: Anchorage, Alaska

Days 16/17/18

Sorry for the lack of recent posts. We’ve just been chilling in Anchorage the past few days and waiting for the ladies to arrive…

Some highlights of the last few days:

Just relaxing at Annette’s house was awesome Changed out Geoff’s badly worn rear tire Made a home cooked meal Checked out the world famous . . . → Read More: Days 16/17/18

Days 19/20/21/22

Elliott’s Post

Apologies for the lack of regular updates – with the girls here Geoff and I haven’t had much free time. I’m sure when it’s just back to us two on the open road, we’ll be working on our regular daily updates. I know Geoff has a big post written up but to summarize . . . → Read More: Days 19/20/21/22

Days 23/24/25

Day 23 – Tuesday 7/13

Woke up in Homer pretty drenched from a night of non-stop rain. The tent’s waterproofing is starting to wear off and there were small puddles that had begun to creep up through the floor. Everyone packed up early and Geoff and Kathy followed Don and Annette out of Homer to . . . → Read More: Days 23/24/25

Days 26/27

Geoff’s Post

It’s been a long time…

Sorry again for the delays… I am not nearly as consistent as Elliott in updates but I will try to get caught up. I am sitting in the Common Room in the “hotel” (think: dorm) in Prudhoe Bay, AK. Took quite a lot to get here…

We left . . . → Read More: Days 26/27

Days 28/29/30

Elliott’s Post

We last left you after we had arrived in Prudhoe Bay. That was three days ago now and it was a helluva ride getting back to civilization.

So we woke up Sunday morning in that last outpost of civilization called Deadhorse, AK. No one lives in Deadhorse, it’s just a place where workers . . . → Read More: Days 28/29/30


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