And the Adventure Continues…Day 2 with Dad (Elliott’s Post)

Did I mention that my Dad and I rode 425 miles yesterday? I think I did but that’s pretty amazing considering I don’t think I have ridden that far on any day this whole trip and that was my Dad’s first day on the bike. That’s pretty cool.

We’re having a great time together on this trip and today was more of the same. We got a fairly early start and headed south into the Black Hills of South Dakota. Dad was pointing out that there was snow on the ground and sure enough, you would see small piles of it here and there. Snow? In August in South Dakota? It was weird but later we figured out that there had been a huge hail storm yesterday and that must be the leftovers.

We rode through a sections of the Black Hills and up through Deadwood and on into Sturgis where the motorcycle rally is picking up steam. You can get a sense for how crazy the place has to be when it hits full tilt next week. The town was already jammed with Harleys and all the surrounding roads have huge tents and displays and then on all the outlying roads there are big party camps set up. We were both taking it all in and laughing about all the characters and crazy bikes that we saw.

After Sturgis we rode another section of the Black Hills – I think this was even more interesting than the first. Tons of twisty roads through forests and rock formations. It was jammed ith Harley dudes checking it out too but everyone was very civilized and just enjoying the scenery.

From there we jumped on the Interstate (oh, the horror!) for about 60 miles to go to Wall, SD where the famous Wall Drug Store is. There’s no less than 50 signs on the expressway advertising the place and it’s a huge tourist draw. When of my Dad’s buddies, Marv Freestone and his wife used to spend a lot of time there when on vacation. My Dad asked around and found a lady who still works there and knows him, so we got a picture with her.

Left Wall and rode into the Badlands National Park. Just stunning scenery and it’s just hard to believe that these places exist out in the middle of nowhere. Of course, the Harley riders were here too and they were on their best behavior…

I had to take Dad on a little off road adventure after the Badlands so we took a 10 mile dirt road shortcut to a two lane paved road that would take us into Pierre (our destination for the night). He was a pro and handled it no problem.

We got back on pavement and stopped for gas after about 30 miles. When we stopped we noticed that this plastic guard that prevents the rear tire from kicking up rocks had come loose and gotten lodged in such a way that it had been rubbing on the tire and scooped out a HUGE groove in the rubber. Here we go again. I had to saw some of the plastic off on one side and then unscrew the remaining part on the other side. It was not good but decided that since the groove hadn’t quite breached the sidewall that it would be ok. Also, we did another readjustment on the chain as it was really slack again.

All the problems with the bike have certainly added to our adventure together but we’re still chugging along and making great time. We rode another 375 miles today so that’s 800 miles so far. I’m having a ton of fun with my Dad, we’re seeing some less traveled but beautiful parts of the country, meeting some interesting folks and this is a great way to wind down an epic trip.

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    Hey Elliott, Thanks for the kind words! haha! It’s crazy, that a chance meeting at the Great Northern bar would it turned out to be such a fun couple of days in Whitefish! Lots of laughs, carrying-on, Patron…etc. Man, you have been on the trip of a lifetime, that is so cool! and I think it is really cool that you are riding the final leg of your trip with your Dad….that would be priceless to me! Stay safe and come visit me in Wisconsin!


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