Civil?ization (Geoff’s Post)


So we left McBride and had a very nice ride to Jasper and on to Lake Louise. The scenery was amazing! It is an awesome road and worth the entry fee ($10 Cdn). The valleys are so green and stark and the elevation changes are super cool. There is a lot of haze in . . . → Read More: Civil?ization (Geoff’s Post)

On the road again… Woo Hoo!!!!

[Geoff’s post- Elliott’s back at work!] 🙁

Well- it’s been a fantastic week in Pender Island with Jackie and her family. It was soo good to get the bike clean(over 3 hours and not really done), clean all my gear and actually spend a few days in a row in the same place- even if . . . → Read More: On the road again… Woo Hoo!!!!


Breakfast in Omak…

I spent the night in Twisp, WA. Got in at 1030PM and got up at 6am to the sound of trucks 20’ from my head… they shook the tent. Suboptimal sleeping conditions. Got up, headed down the road 45 miles to a diner in Omak, WA. It’s Rodeo time here… and their . . . → Read More: Omak

Bye Bye Beemers…

The ride from Omak further east was nice but fairly uneventful. I guess we need those rides every now and then… too much adventure can make it all stale!

Highway 20 in eastern WA is gorgeous… every bit of it. Had some flashbacks of Alaska though as it rained on me three times yesterday, with . . . → Read More: Bye Bye Beemers…

Small (wet)world

So I left Lakeside for the ride to Glacier NP. It was a short ride away and I was looking forward to it.

As I am leaving breakfast, a guy comes up and starts talking my ear off. That’s what happens when you are on road. Whether you like it or not sometimes. He says . . . → Read More: Small (wet)world

Why Owe Ming

Why Owe Ming

Last night was a blast. We went into town in Red Lodge and had a few beers and then dinner and then some wine. Johnathan is getting a bit wigged out… every time we sit down at a bar the people next to us are from San Diego. Tonight is no different. . . . → Read More: Why Owe Ming

High Plains Drifters

Sorry for the delay in updates… been a long few days riding with Johnathan.

So we made it out of the Saloon mostly intact. The “local talent” was about what we would expect from Alpine, WY! The next morning we find out our neighbors have a big KTM 990 in the back of his pick . . . → Read More: High Plains Drifters


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