Bye Bye Beemers…

The ride from Omak further east was nice but fairly uneventful.  I guess we need those rides every now and then… too much adventure can make it all stale!

Highway 20 in eastern WA is gorgeous… every bit of it.  Had some flashbacks of Alaska though as it rained on me three times yesterday, with one being a total downpour but none of them lasted more than 20 minutes and I’d be dry an hour after the rain.  I didn’t even stop to put my rain gear on or even my gloves.  Thank god for a helmet though… it stings like hell when it hits your face… Harley riders who insist on the open face helmets and no windscreen are just dumb.  Sorry- it’s my blog and my opinion.  Ow.

There are a LOT more Harley’s on the road.  I have seen VERY few BMW’s… like 100:1 ratio.

I made it to Lakeside, MT (about 360 miles for the day I guess) and find a campground just outside town.  It rained again as I went to bed (out came the bike cover for the first time in weeks!) but was dry when I awoke.

Ran into a group of three camping on road bikes(two Ducati’s and a Suzuki). The gal was in a bright yellow Ducati Monster… sweet bike but I could not imagine camping off one.  Heard it start up this morning though and missed mine- such a sweet sound!

The plan was to do Glacier NP, then Little Big Horn and then on to Sturgis, but I am reevaluating my judgment.  I don’t like crowds.  I don’t like traffic. I don’t like ignorant people.  I don’t particularly like Harley’s.  What good will come out of that?  All the Harley people I have met(and likes) have all been and they all say they won’t go again. So my schedule is kinda open at this point.  Glacier NP today then I am not sure… I need new tires at some point so Elliott is researching where I can get some in MT- that will likely dictate my direction as well.

More to follow…

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