Day 0

So here’s the story.

My (Elliott’s) bike is currently at Geoff’s house in San Diego. In fact, I bought it from a guy in San Diego and Geoff has been storing it and working on it at his house. It’s a 2004 BMW GS Adventure.

On June 18th I fly to San Diego and we . . . → Read More: Day 0

Day 0.5

There’s no turning back now…

I arrived into San Diego on Friday night. After a pit stop for a beer I was able to see my new motorcycle for the first time and the ridiculous amount of other knick-knacks I’ve ordered (and sent to Geoff’s) over the past few months. It was like Christmas but . . . → Read More: Day 0.5

Day 1: Mex-i-co!!!! (kind of but not really)

Little bit of a late start today but we got where we were supposed to be so just chill out ok?

First of all, it was hot today.

We left Geoff’s friend’s house (the party host from last night) around 10:30 this morning and took a nice winding road down to the Mexican border. . . . → Read More: Day 1: Mex-i-co!!!! (kind of but not really)

Day 2 – Destination: Yosemite

Day 2

O6:00 hours – the Girl Scouts in the campsite next door are singing happy bday. WTF.

Anyway, yet another sunny day in California.

Started the day off with an incredible ride up a raod called the Sherman Pass which has switchback roads all the way up the 9200 feet of elevation. Great views . . . → Read More: Day 2 – Destination: Yosemite

Day 3 – Destination: San Francisco

Woke up early to another gorgeous day. This is how things are in California. It makes me mad and happy at the same time.

The Gerards prepared another glorious meal and we packed up and got on our way. We headed south for about 40 miles to the entrance of Yosemite and then drove all . . . → Read More: Day 3 – Destination: San Francisco

Day 4 – Destination: Lassen National Park

Spent a couple days in San Fran for a work conference and then headed out Thurs afternoon to meet Geoff in Berkeley and get going north again. What’s awesome is that my buddy Tad from Portland had been driving his motorcycle down the coast since Monday and met up with Geoff and I in Berkeley. . . . → Read More: Day 4 – Destination: Lassen National Park

Day 5 – Destination: Bend, OR

Got off to another late start today. In the mornings we end up sitting around the campsite making coffee through various methods (none of them working that well) and looking at maps and opining on various routes.

Anyway, finally got on the road and the routes we wanted to take, mainly the 89 through Lassen . . . → Read More: Day 5 – Destination: Bend, OR

Day 6 – Destination: Portland

Another day, another late start…bad habits are hard to break I guess.

At least we didn’t have far to go today. Our goal was to get up to Tad’s house in Portland which we we’re using as our next to last stop before Canada (and probably our last chance to sleep in an actual bed . . . → Read More: Day 6 – Destination: Portland

Day 7 – Destination: Quinalt, WA

Elliott’s Post

Tad and I tried our best to get an early start, and Jeff was taking a different route so we planned to meet him at the campground at Lake Quinalt.

We rode up by Mt. St. Helens – about an hour from Tad’s house. You can see it in the pictures, but the . . . → Read More: Day 7 – Destination: Quinalt, WA

Day 8 – Destination: Whistler, BC

Elliott’s Post

Finally, out of the USA.

We made a *cold* 110 mile ride up to Port Angeles, WA this morning and caught the ferry to Vancouver, BC.

As you can see in the pics, we have a new addition to the group: Panis the Sheep. Geoff lost a bet and and that was . . . → Read More: Day 8 – Destination: Whistler, BC


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