Day 0.5

There’s no turning back now…

I arrived into San Diego on Friday night. After a pit stop for a beer I was able to see my new motorcycle for the first time and the ridiculous amount of other knick-knacks I’ve ordered (and sent to Geoff’s) over the past few months. It was like Christmas but better.

We spent most of Saturday getting our bikes ready. It’s amazing the amount of stuff you can find a place for on a motorcycle. Coolers, fold up chairs, Geoff’s doll collection, etc.

We eventually got everything packed and then drove out to Geoff’s friend’s house about 30 miles outside of San Diego (and only a few miles from the Mexican border – go to the “Track Us Live” tab to see exactly where we are at any given time). Anyway, it was a great party at a beautiful spot in the foothills? small mountains? and it’s where I’m currently writing this from.

So that brings me to today. The bikes are packed, the goodbyes have been said, and we are hitting the road soon. First stop: Mexican Border for pictures then north to Kernville, CA. I think it might be a hot day of riding…

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  • Rebecca

    El… I just saw this on your talk handle – amazing – I love a good road trip! Your journey from CA to AK reminds me of “Into the Wild” without all the tramping and wilderness survival. Hope it’s a great ride & have a blast! -RebCo

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