Day 12 – Destination: Teslin, YT

Elliott’s post

After yesterday, my whole perception of what’s hot and cold, what’s wet and dry, what’s sunny and cloudy completely changed.

We woke up in our cabin after a really nice sleep on an actual bed (you can see even Panis the sheep got some good shuteye) and it was still “drizzling” and “cold”, but in comparison to what we went through the day before, it seemed like tropical weather.

Once we packed up and got ready to leave the rain had stopped and I was happier than a tornado in a trailer park.  After an hour or so of riding we actually had, *gasp* sunshine!  From there on out, there were intermittent periods of rain and shine, but the rain never lasted for more than 10 miles at a time.

It really was a great day of riding – up through the mountains with a new view of the Canadian Rockies around every bend in the road. The miles just started to melt away, as they have begun to do faster and faster as the trip goes on.  I think we must have done 350 miles today – which is a pretty big day but it just rolled right on by.  Along the way we stopped and checked out the RV’ers soaking their large bodies at the Laird Hot Springs (see pics).  Tons of wildlife on the roads too – huge herds of buffalo and the occasional lone bear as well as moose sprinkled here and there.

We got into Teslin around 8 and had some dinner at the Yukon Lodge and then went to a campsite a few miles away on the Teslin River.  The daylight thing is getting so weird – I went fishing on the river at 10 pm (didn’t catch anything) and it seemed like 6pm.  The sun sets at 11:30 but it even then it just seems dusky and not all that dark.

Tomorrow: up through Whitehorse (biggest city in the Yukon Territory) and on towards the Alaskan border.  We may not get there tomorrow but we’ll be damn close.

Geoff’s post

A Moment to Educate…

Several of you have tried to tell me that this all seems like a bigparty for us… nothing more than tequila and lap dances… well I want toset some things straight.  We are here to expand our horizons andeducate our friends and family while on our adventure.

We have mentioned how surprised we are that we have not seen many RCMPMounties patrolling the roads.  Well while on the ride yesterday,about 5 miles before we got into the rain… my radar detector went nutson Ka band and then just over the hill came an RCMP trooper blastingthe other way.  5 minutes later there was another one.  And shortlyafter that, the V1 again lit up in the Ka band and there was a thirdmountie heading south, away from the rain.

So at this point I’ll start a new section of the blog called… wait for it…

The Education Section.

Lesson #1- RCMP

The RCMP is British Columbia’s version of the CHP.  Imagine Ponch andJon running around saying “aye” a lot.  The RCMP stands for Retired Chupacabra Mountain Police.  The reason for the Chupacabra is thatthey are about as commonly seen as the mythical Chupacabra.  In fact,it’s rumored that the duties used to fall to the Sasquatch but theirunion could not come to an agreement with the government overcompensation and the politicians went south to recruit.  This is allhere-say and I don’t want to cause a fuss… it’s just that they workfor much less than their northern cousins….

A few days ago a local explained to me that the Mounties are rarelyever out when it is raining and you only have to worry about them whenit’s sunny out.  All this makes sense that the Chupacabra were headingaway from the rain yesterday… being from the southwest, when it rains,all flock back to the roost much like a beat cop to a doughnut shop.The government can’t complain as they are so underpaid it’s hard toimagine them working in those conditions.

So I hope this has helped enlighten you a little bit and proven we arehere on serious business and are not just wantonly cavorting aroundthe countryside. 😉

2 comments to Day 12 – Destination: Teslin, YT

  • Kat

    Geoff, given your track record with the law/authorities… don’t press your luck by writing [talking] smack about the RCMP ;-p

  • Tad

    I don’t know which is worse – cold and wet, or the CNT BUGS…
    probably cold and wet – you’ll have the BUGS for the return trip just to give you the complete experience 😉

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