Day 13 – Destination: Burwash Landing, YT

I’m writing this post two days late and honestly having trouble remembering what the morning ride was like.  I remember the afternoon but the morning is a blur.  I think my internal clock is getting a bit skewed by the persistant daylight. That being said, I’m pretty sure it rained and I’m pretty sure there was some sun at I’m also pretty sure there was also some wind at some point during the morning.

I do know that we had lunch in Whitehorse.  It’s a cool little place – largest city in the Yukon mind you.  I had an elk burger – it was awesome.

We kept pushing north and had just a gorgeous ride up along Kluane Lake – we eventually touched down in a an old Yukon gold rush town called Burwash Landing and had dinner (had the roast beef special thank you very much) at none other than the famous Burwash Landing Resort (gettin mad props on  Famous might be a strong word but they were friendly folk.  The hotel was right on the Kluane lake and best of all, it was free to camp there and had free wifi.  It still is blowing my mind that places in the middle of nowhere in the Yukon frickin Territory have high speed internet connections.  I was not expecting that.

You can see the pics of Geoff and I kickin it in the lobby with all the crazy stuffed animal heads.  Panis the Sheep also made some new friends.

Also we met a cool couple, Jim and Barbara who were coming from Anchorage in their Honda Insight to do a 5 day trek along an old gold rush trail called the Chilkoot Trail – interesting stuff.

Btw, check out that pic of Geoff’s tire!  The thing is thrashed but there’s not a damn thing that we can do about it.  With 600 miles to Anchorage it’s gonna be a real tester to see if it makes it.  The reason that it is so worn down is that the Alaska Highway is really really rough.  In Canada they put down chip seal (all those little crushed stones that eventually get ingrained into asphalt) and they just chew your tires apart.

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