Day 15 – Destination: Anchorage, Alaska

Elliott’s post

Well, it’s been a little over two weeks and about 4600 miles but we’re on the cusp of arriving into Anchorage.

Geoff is very worried about his tire (as am I).  The steel belting is totally showing through at this point, but it’s a holiday, in Alaska, and really no other choice but to take it slow and just ease our way into Anchorage like an old man into a hot bath.

ANDDDDDDD, we arrived – safe and sound.  It was only 180 miles today – we had to take it slow and battle the long weekend RV traffic, but absolutely stunning scenery on the way into Anchorage.

We’re actually staying at my good friend’s (Annette and Don’s) house. Their house is up on the side of basically a mountain – there are still patches of snow up by their house – and it has an amazing view of the bay.  Annette and I went to high school and college together so we go way back.  Her and Don are actually away at a wedding in Bethel, AK but are back Wednesday so that will be great to see them.

You can see where Geoff’s bike wanted to take a nap.  That was on the steep dirt driveway that goes up to Annette’s house.  I found it pretty funny when it went down but to be fair, we’re even now as it has both happened to us twice.  This is not happening at speed, but rather when the bike is stopped and it just gets leaned to one side a little too far, and they’re so heavy that they just start tipping and there’s nothing you can do to stop it.

Also, something I’m *really* excited about is mine and Geoff’s girlfriends (Megan and Kathy, respectively) are flying into Anchorage on Wednesday afternoon and on Thursday, we’re all going to get on the motorcycles and set out on a 5-6 day road trip to check out places like Denali, Valdez, etc.  Epic.

Geoff’s post

Rain out.

Finally- a day without rain and we went to bed without rain!  And in
the morning- still no rain!!!  A record I think!  Lazy morning… pack…
fire… tell jokes… lie… Elliott doesn’t catch fish… same old, same

At that point we are 180 mile from Anchorage.  That’s where new tires
are.  I honestly don’t think my tire will make 20 miles… there are
multiple steel belts showing through the tire at this point.  But the
reality is I don’t have a choice.  There are no tires any closer and
riding 3 hours each way to get the replacement isn’t appealing.  Oh,
and it’s the 5th of July and everything is closed so nothing would
happen until Tuesday anyway!!!

So we set off again this morning for Anchorage… Elliott has a friend
who lives here and we can crash at their place… if we can make it
ANOTHER 180 miles on that damned tire!

Somehow… we made it.  Pretty much all the steel belts are showing and
have been for 100 miles.

Their house is amazing… on a steep hill overlooking Seward and the
bay… it’s gorgeous.  We were so drained from babying the tire my
bike(Helmut) decided to take a nap right as I was turning the last
steep dirt corner of their driveway.  I am sure Elliott got a picture…
he was laughing is ass off at Helmut’s narcolepsy.

So we are here now, showered, shaved and getting ready to cook a home
cooked meal (been a long time).  The tire is an absolute wreck but
still holds air!  I am sure I will think of more stuff later but have
to finish this beer and start working on the bike… will take pics of
that as well

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