Day 2 – Destination: Yosemite

Day 2

O6:00 hours – the Girl Scouts in the campsite next door are singing happy bday. WTF.

Anyway, yet another sunny day in California.

Started the day off with an incredible ride up a raod called the Sherman Pass which has switchback roads all the way up the 9200 feet of elevation. Great views at the top including Mt Whitney (the highest peak in California). You can see in the pictures that Geoff was making a snow angel at the summit. It’s strange that you can reach out and touch snow when a few minutes earlier you’re were sweating it out in 90+ degree heat on the valley floor. We got up and over to the other side of the Sherman pass which had wide sweeping turns all the way to the bottom. So fun.

We stopped for lunch and then headed towards Yosemite National Park and stopped at a place called Manzanar which was a relocation camp for Japanese Americans during WWII. Was I sick the day they taught us about this in history class? I did not know this existed but after Pearl Harbor, the US government basically rounded up 110,000 Japanese Americans and put them into these camps that were scattered around the US. It’s a horrible piece of American History.

After that we motored north again as we had plans to meet up with Geoff’s friends Antonias up at a campground on Twin Lakes – which was about 40 miles north of Yosemite. For the first time this trip we hit some bad weather. You could see a storm system moving through the mountains up ahead. It didn’t turn out to be much rain but it got really windy and really cold – Geoff’s hypercolor tshirt turned back to just plain white. We survived, the hypercolor regained its pink hues and we made it up to the Twin Lakes where we met Geoff’s friend Andreas and Andreas’ friends the Gerard Family. The Gerards treated us well. They grilled up about 20 fresh trout they had caught in the lake just earlier that day and we all sat around the campfire and had some beers.

It was a great day.

3 comments to Day 2 – Destination: Yosemite

  • Emily

    You’re a bad ass! Have a great time and can’t wait to hear about your trip through the blog. So fun. hope you are well and see you soon. Em

  • Halley

    I think you were sleeping. This is why my Grandpa and his brothers and sisters changed their name from Nishimura to Westdale and said they were Hawaiian;) Just a little tid bit of info for you! Looks like you are having an amazing time!!!

  • Tudor

    Good start so far. I started a mountain biking ride at Sherman Pass last weekend that went all the way down to Kernville. 7000 vertical feet of downhill. Before that I was in Mammoth Lakes and Yosemite so your trip so far is very familiar. Can’t wait to see what you find down the road. Ride Safe.

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