Day 3 – Destination: San Francisco

Woke up early to another gorgeous day. This is how things are in California. It makes me mad and happy at the same time.

The Gerards prepared another glorious meal and we packed up and got on our way. We headed south for about 40 miles to the entrance of Yosemite and then drove all the way through Yosemite National Park on 120. It was stunning – tons of snow still on the ground still up there. I guess California got a lot of much needed snowfall this year so it’s still melting up in the mountains.

I had to get to San Francisco today for a work conference so after Yosemite we headed towards San Fran but it looks like our arrival time was going to coincide with rush hour so we took the long way around and dropped in to the city from the North. We ended up going through some really picturesque rustic country on highway 4 and then Geoff dropped off and headed to the East Bay.

I’ll be in SF through Thursday afternoon and then heading back out again and meeting Geoff in Berkeley and heading north to Lassen National Park for Thursday night.

Unfortunately I’m having problems with the pictures from Tuesday – seems like they got corrupted on my memory card but I’ll get Geoff’s pics and post them.

Got the photos off Geoff’s camera:

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