Day 4 – Destination: Lassen National Park

Spent a couple days in San Fran for a work conference and then headed out Thurs afternoon to meet Geoff in Berkeley and get going north again. What’s awesome is that my buddy Tad from Portland had been driving his motorcycle down the coast since Monday and met up with Geoff and I in Berkeley.

I had had a *slight* problem with the bike in San Fran – it just wouldn’t be the same if I wasn’t having bike troubles. When I had taken the fuel tank off to do a little work at Geoff’s house, I must have knicked a little o-ring on a fuel line connector. It was fine for the first few days but then I started smelling gas when I got into San Fran and found the leak. Geoff did some quick thinking and we swapped out the o-ring from the reserve side of the tank and it worked perfectly. We got up to Chico, CA and went to a BMW dealership and got some replacements. Most expensive tiny piece of rubber I’ve ever bought at $3 a piece (but still counts as a very cheap trip to the BMW dealership).

We stopped at the Sierra Nevada brewery and had a really nice meal and a couple Sierra Nevada’s – so good. After that we got on 32 up to Lassen National Park (supposedly the least visited National Park). The 32 was a scenic, twisty, pristine road that was the most fun road we’ve ridden so far.

Eventually arrived in Mineral, CA and found the general store and restaurant already closed but got to a nice little campground. Unfortunately due to the general store being closed our beer was slightly warm (but we did seriously consider going a couple miles up into the mountains to get snow).

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