Day 6 – Destination: Portland

Another day, another late start…bad habits are hard to break I guess.

At least we didn’t have far to go today. Our goal was to get up to Tad’s house in Portland which we we’re using as our next to last stop before Canada (and probably our last chance to sleep in an actual bed for a long time).

It was a fairly uneventful day – stopped to get some more oil in Bend – Geoff’s and my bike tend to eat up oil pretty quickly so we have to keep an eye on that. Then about 100 miles later we stopped at the base of Mount Hood where the ski resort is still open. Then drove through Portland to Tad’s house (he actually lives across the river from Portland in Vancouver, WA).

We pretty much just chilled up in Vancouver the rest of the day. We went up to a store where Tad helped me pick out some basic fishing equipment as I plan on doing some fishing in Canada and Alaska.

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