Day 8 – Destination: Whistler, BC

Elliott’s Post

Finally, out of the USA.

We made a *cold* 110 mile ride up to Port Angeles, WA this morning and caught the ferry to Vancouver, BC.

As you can see in the pics, we have a new addition to the group: Panis the Sheep. Geoff lost a bet and and that was the penalty for losing. The best was just a simple question: How many national parks are there in the US? The answer: 58. Geoff said there was more than 100, I said there was 15. We were both wrong but Geoff was the *wrongest*.

We said goodbye to Tad at Port Angeles and caught the ferry to Victoria, Vancouver Island. Of course, with the sheep in tow we got pulled over for *extra questioning* at Canadian customs but they eventually let us go. We hopped on the road and drove about 60 miles up to Nanaimo to catch another ferry (where I’m writing this from) to Horseshoe Bay and then driving 60 miles or so up to Whistler where we will spend the night.

Update: Arrived in Whistler. Frickin amazing ride up the Sea to Sky highway. Pretty tired.

I updated some other previous day’s (and today’s) pic galleries with photos from Geoff’s camera and also added in some posts from the man himself (that would be Geoff).

Geoff’s Post

So I lost a bet

We woke up early this morning to try to make it to Port Angeles on time for the ferry out of the country. Last year I was late and had to speed to make the ferry and I wanted to enjoy this ride a bit more. Oh well… failed that again but oh well.

This is where the trip really starts in my mind… leaving the lower 48 behind us and into the wilds of British Columbia!

The ride through Olympic NP is absolutely stunning- I did this run last year and wanted to repeat it this year. It was colder and wetter than last year was but still gorgeous. We couldn’t stop for more than a few minutes as we were late (again) and this really was one of the few hard times on the trip that we have to make. I can’t say enough just how beautiful Crescent Lake is north of the park- I snapped a few moving pictures but I am sure they don’t do it justice. I definitely want to come back and spend some time exploring the area more.

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