Days 16/17/18

Sorry for the lack of recent posts.  We’ve just been chilling in Anchorage the past few days and waiting for the ladies to arrive…

Some highlights of the last few days:

  • Just relaxing at Annette’s house was awesome
  • Changed out Geoff’s badly worn rear tire
  • Made a home cooked meal
  • Checked out the world famous Chilkoot Charlie’s bar

Annette and Don came home Wednesday morning so it was great to catch up with them and then I went and picked up Megan from the airport at about 2 in the afternoon.  We went out to grab a bite and then came back to Annette’s house and a little later Geoff showed up with Kathy.  That night Annette and Don cooked up a huge feast – shrimp, crab legs, Montana beef – and then a couple other friends (Anna and John – who I also know from college) came over and we had a great night of hanging out and having a few beers and eating delicious food.  We even went on a late night moose drive around their neighborhood and spotted at least 3 moose.  Annette and Don were just the most amazing hosts and I’m super lucky to have them as friends.

So, Thursday rolls around and we’re a bit late on getting started.  It was raining in the morning and we actually saw a black bear trying to get into the trash can outside.  The rain stopped and the weather turned quite nice and we eventually pack up the bikes and headed  out.  We came back up the gorgeous highway 1 towards Glennallen  – stopped at a great little diner on the way – and eventually landed  at the same great campground in Tolson where we spent the night a few days ago.  We got an even better campground than last time – up on a hill overlooking the river.  Megan had a great time on the back of the bike and got some good photos.  It’s just so great having her here and we’re all having a blast together.

We’re now going down by the old mining town of McCarthy and camping out by a glacier tonight – then on to Valdez in a couple days and then taking a ferry across to Whittier and meeting back up with Don and Annette in Homer.

4 comments to Days 16/17/18

  • Jen

    E&M –
    The pictures keep getting more and more amazing, especially the ones with Meg 😉

    The trip looks amazing and I cannot believe the two of you are motorcycling through Alaska, definitely epic!

    Have the most amazing time together, make every stop a memory! We can’t wait to hear all about it!

  • jj

    Well done Elliott. Safe travels.

  • James (met you both in Bend)

    Caught up on the blog entries. I am really jealous of the adventure (love the definition, adventure – results of poor planning) you guys have had! The write up of the days events are great and the pictures add to story quite well.

    Geoff – glad to see your tire made it and you are able to replace it! So you did the side stand bead braker trick?! Glad to see that it works!

    Again – you and Elliott are welcome to stop and crash at our place in Seattle on your way back down to the lower 48. We got a garage and you all (this includes Panis) can fight over who gets the extra bed versus the chaise lounge part of ther couch!

    Cheers and continue to ride safe!


  • Kelly Jandernoa

    Sarah hooked us up with your blog, it’s pretty sweet. Looks like you’re having a blast, Carl’s jealous. Meg’s super cute, way to go El. be safe buddy.

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