Days 38/39

Geoff’s Post (I don’t even need to write anything as this is classic and says it all – Elliott)

Lost and Found

The night in Stewart was fairly uneventful.  All the firewood was so
wet there was no fire making that night (but lots of fire playing
including gasoline antics which were surely frowned upon by the
neighbors but what do they expect from a $12 campsite?

The morning commute out of the campsite was impressive.  We went to
bed and the place was packed to the gills with people and caravans and
giant bus/RV combinations.  When I got out of my tent at like 8ish the
place was deserted.  El had been up earlier and said the line for the
bathroom was impressive as people made one last stop before hitting
the road.

We eventually left our deserted campground for Hyder and Tongass
National Forest.  There is a place there where you can watch bears
pulling salmon out of the streams in person.  That is, IF there are
salmon that show up.  Apparently they didn’t get the memo we were
waiting… so… no salmon, no bears.  We bail.

Another uneventful trip through Canadian customs and we are back on
the road headed east.  It’s a gorgeous day and the views of the
glaciers are stunning.  We get about 60 miles from Stewart and I
notice the front of my map case is open. This is also where I stuffed
my passport when we left customs last time.  Uh oh.  I pull over and
there is no passport.  It must have slipped out somewhere in the last
60 miles.  Crap!  Another pair of bikers headed the other way stop by
and say hi.  People just do that out here on bikes… there were at
least 20 in the town of Stewart when we left.

We chit chat for a bit and I resign myself to a trip to a consulate in
Calgary or Vancouver and Chuck tells me he’ll keep an eye open for it
and ask around at the hotel we last stopped at where I changed maps
from northern BC to southern BC.

Cell phones and out houses

As we move south, it gets hotter… in the high 80’s today.  We go
further east along the Yellowhead Highway and discover something else
besides warmth and sunshine…cell phone service!  Holy crap it’s been a
long time since I saw that.  We stop in Smithers for a break and to
ask a local about some fishing spots… we hear this is a world class
trout fishing area.

We get several conflicting reports about what and how many licenses
you need but everyone agrees we need to talk to Mark at the local
fishing store in Fraser Lake the morning so we pick a camp spot just
out of town and head that way.

It’s a nice spot… but has a lot of mosquitoes!  They bail when the
wind and a few rain drops come but are back 10 minutes later.  The
other thing we find is flushing toilets… El and I discussed (in as
much depth as two males ever “discuss” anything) that it was indeed
feeling like we were nearing the end of the trip as we left Stewart,
and it seems that with the loss of the out houses and zero bars on the
cell phone… we are approaching “the end”… at least of this phase.

OK- enough typing… I’ve had my coffee and the mosquitoes have had
their share of me so it’s off to the fishing store!

Fighting tooth and nail…

The dude at the fishing store was great… gave us a secret little spot
with a neat off road ride to get there as well.  A tiny river between
two lakes- only 100 yards long.  No one for miles!  I break out my fly
fishing gear and Elliott his spinners.  Within 2 minutes I had a small
Rainbow… he (she?) put up a mighty fight but I won in the end.  Soon
after Elliott also caught one.  I could tell from the hollars of
victory from the other side of the spit of land we were on that he had
one too.  Both about the same(small) size but a victory is a victory,
right?  Neither of us caught anything else so we moved on… it was
after 2pm (we are NOT early morning fishermen- or even morning
fishermen apparently) and we had a lot of miles to do.

A nice scenic ride to McBride for the night as our jumping off point
for Jasper National Park.  The only real event was that we made a rest
stop near a river and in the process of eating a power bar when… my
front tooth pops out of my head!  WTF?  It’s a crown from many years
ago (long story from my army days) and it just popped out.  Did the
same thing about 10 years ago (at a conference, of all places) so
while not in total shock, still a surprising development!

So after El stops laughing, he snaps a picture and I now look
suspiciously like a Canadian Hockey player.  Well… when in Rome,

Anyway, we finish a nice Ride to McBride (sounds like a limerick!) we
make dinner (I made a Spam quesadilla- yum!) and we cook the last of
the salmon from Daryl as a second course to the dinner.  Yum again!

And a real treat tonight… we not only get showers for free, we get
laundry too!  Woohoo!  Been a LONG time for sure.

So with clean bodies and souls (or something like that) we head out to
Jasper and Banff Nat’l parks.  My schedule has been changed a bit as I
now have two reasons to go to Vancouver, one to pick up my Passport
and two to get my tooth reattached to my melon.

There once was a ride to McBride
He made it over to the side
Then out with a pop
Came his front chop
On a toothless ride to McBride

Sorry- it’ll work in a pinch…

Your man on point-


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