Alone Time (Elliott’s Post)

+1 on Geoff’s comments about the ride through Jasper and Banff national parks. Simply stunning scenery, simply amazing amount of RVs, simply ridiculously loud by our campsite for the night.

Oh yeah, Geoff failed to mention that he owes me $1000 dollars. Where we camped you could see these old mines up on the mountainside. From our campsite he said I couldn’t get up this particular one within an hour. As the crow flies it was probably only a half mile away but to walk it you basically had to scramble up this 45 degree angle hill full of scree and little pebbles. I got up and almost all the way back down within an hour. So, Geoff, you can just send me a check.

So here we are, after covering almost 10,000 miles together through the thick and the thin, the rain, the hail, the cold, the heat, the dirt and the dust, it’s finally time for Geoff and I to go our separate ways. I know Geoff wanted to continue on down with me through Glacier National Park and through Montana and Wyoming but his “toof” and his “passport” issues are keeping him away from the border.

As Geoff said, we went into Golden, BC to check email and have lunch and then it was goodbye. We had a frickin unbelievable trip together and it never seemed like the day was gonna come where we said goodbye but here it was. I saw Geoff’s toothless smile fade in my rearview mirror as I headed up to do a whitewater rafting trip on the Kicking Horse River. It was cool but not as crazy a I had wanted. My hopes for a wild ride sank when I saw our rafting group had a couple 10 year old giggling girls and their parents. Lame.

The best thing to come out of the rafting trip was a tip from our guide for where to stay that night. He said there were some natural hot springs about 100 miles south on the way I was already going to take. Of course it involved about 20 miles of dirt road (which I figured would weed out the tourists and their RVs). I found the turn off and hot springs and went on to the campground past the springs. Turns out there were five campgrounds about 3- 5 miles apart and the first three were full – I didn’t even bother going on to see the last two. I was wrong – the dirt roads did little to discourage these Canadian weekend RV warriors. I went back towards the hot springs and took some logging roads up a few miles and found a good little spot to set up for the night. I was a little tweaked after hearing about the grizzly attacks that killed a few people in Montana the other day (turns out one of the victims is a friend’s uncle). So I didn’t really cook – just had a sandwich and then took of my pannier with food and stuck it about 200 yards downwind. I woke up a couple of times during the night to deer (I think) running past my tent. TI think my heart skipped a beat or two Morning came and I packed up and spent an hour down at the hot springs. They were awesome! – some different pools of varying temperatures right next to a river with a gorgeous view.

Now, I’m in Cranbrook, BC (pretty damn close to the USA). Had breakfast and deciding where to go from here. I meet my Dad in Montana in a couple days as he’s coming out to pick up my other motorcycle that broke down last year. Somehow he managed to find a guy to get it fixed and we’re going to spend a few days reading back east together so I’m really looking forward to that.


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