Lower 48 (Elliott’s Post)

Lower 48

Last time I updated the blog I was sitting in a diner in Southern British Columbia deciding where I was going to go next. It was either head south into Montana or East into Alberta and then drop into Montana from there.

While I was thinking it over I decided to get a haircut and the barber told me to get the hell out of the country cause all Canadians have a long weekend and the place is a madhouse (and the road I was thinking about taking into Alberta isn’t that cool anyways).

So, I headed out of town and down towards the border. Fairly uneventful trip but I did want to ask the border guard a “hypothetical” question. The question was what if a “friend” who is an American citizen but lost their passport but still had a drivers license tried to come back into the US? Geoff said that you would not get in without a major hassle (i.e. many hours at the border while they ask you a ton of questions). I said it would not be a big deal. Well Geoff owes me another $20 (and that makes it a total of $1020). The border guard basically said it would not be a big deal and there would be a few more questions but you would get in.

Back in the lower 48 after something like 4 weeks and I decide to head for Whitefish, MT. I came through Whitefish last year on a motorcycle and it’s a cool town. I stop at the Great Northern for a beer and some of the townsfolk are asking about my bike/trip and then this guy named Jim comes up to me and my “stop” in Whitefish is about to drastically change.

Long story short – Jim is a cool ass dude – we talked about motorcycle trips, I told him I was looking for a place to camp that night, he says I can put up a tent in his backyard, we go to his very nice condo and he shows me around and says to just sleep in one of his extra rooms, we go back to bar and meet up with his buddies, we have several more beers, we’re good friends, we go riding the next day with his buddies to Flathead lake, do a microbrewery tour, check out a Model T convention, go to his friend’s party that night, I crash at his place another night… Jim, if you’re reading this – thanks again man – that was so generous and fun – you’re awesome and I hope we can hang out again soon.

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