Luck runs out…

Well yesterday was an interesting day…

We left Pierre, SD driving down highway 14 with a destination in mind of Rochester, MN (about 450 miles away).

Beautiful day, easy riding (but please, read on). We stopped by Laura Ingalls Wilder childhood home and then on to a great town called Brookings, SD. Dad loved this place – very cool little downtown with tons of flowers and nice streets. We stopped for lunch at Cubbies which is a bar owned by people from Chicago with tons of Cubs schwag in it.

From there we pressed on and the miles continued to roll on by. We arrived into Rochester about 8pm. It’s unbelievable how far we are going every day and Dad just loves it and I feel like I’m the one who is getting tired and he just hops right back in the saddle and keeps trucking.

Anyway, about a mile from our hotel I look in my rearview mirror and Dad’s not there. I do a u-turn and shoot back to see him standing in the middle of the road with the bike. At first I thought he went down, but it turns out the chain popped off the back ring and got stuck and all mangled. The backwheel had immediately locked up and somehow Dad kept the bike upright as the reartire skidded down the road. That chain had been the bane of our existence the past few days. It kept stretching and master link was bad bad and it made the bike just not ride that well.

We pulled over to the side of the road and were able to get the back wheel off and then remove the chain. The chain was toast. We talked to a security guard who was patrolling the area and he told us we could park it by a bank for the night.

That night we got to the hotel and discussed what we should do. There was a motorcycle shop in town but no guarantee they had the chain. It was a somewhat restless night (for me but I think my Dad slept fine).

We got up early and I called the shop and they did have one of the chains we needed. I went out to get it as Dad went to target and got some supplies. We met up and starting working on the bike and were able to get it sorted out. Now the thing is running so much better with that new chain on and I’m so happy that we can finish our ride together. We’re going to leave soon and I’ll split off to go to Chicago and he’ll head towards Manitowoc WI where he’s taking the ferry back to Michigan later tonight.

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