Day 1: Mex-i-co!!!! (kind of but not really)

Little bit of a late start today but we got where we were supposed to be so just chill out ok?

First of all, it was hot today.

We left Geoff’s friend’s house (the party host from last night) around 10:30 this morning and took a nice winding road down to the Mexican border. We thought it would be cool to say we started this trip in Mexico but the thought of actually going into Mexico, turning right around and waiting in customs line in the blistering heat was just too much to bear. So, instead we just went to within a couple hundred feet of the border of Tecate, Mexico and took some pictures that you can see below. Muy bien!

After doing the u-turn at the border we just figured we would make up for the lost time and hop on the interstate, which wasn’t fun but was a necessary evil. Once we were north of LA traffic thinned out and we got into some nice desert scenery. Geoff had taken this route before and he suggested we stop in Randsburg for a break. Long story short, stopped for a beer at The Joint and yes we met Olga and yes we promised to be back for her 100th birthday next September. Also, for all you gold prospectors out there, we now know everything about Burro Schmidt and might be able to point you in the right direction if you want to follow in his footsteps.

From Randsburg is was a beautiful drive through some great scenery and up along Lake Isabella and into the sleepy/rustic/charming town of Kernsville (where we’re camping for the night).

Good night.

Here are the pics from today

3 comments to Day 1: Mex-i-co!!!! (kind of but not really)

  • kevin

    at this pace you’ll be in alaska by next year! buenas suerte!

  • Tony

    Fuck ya – what a trip sounds better than snusing at my desk

  • Tudor

    I just realized that I SAW you in Kernville on Sunday!!! I remember seeing those two bikes. I always point out GSs to my girlfriend and when I pointed you two all loaded down, she said it looked like you were going out for a while. Little did she know…

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