Breakfast in Omak…

I spent the night in Twisp, WA.  Got in at 1030PM and got up at 6am to the sound of trucks 20’ from my head… they shook the tent.  Suboptimal sleeping conditions.  Got up, headed down the road 45 miles to a diner in Omak, WA.  It’s Rodeo time here… and their standard omelet is a 5 egg job… nice. I think they charge you extra to make a three egg omelet.   Too bad it’s country music on the radio but what do I expect- it’s Omak, WA?  There is an electric train that circles the room near the ceiling… it toots its horn right above my head each lap.  Too funny.

But let’s back up.


So I am in Vancouver yesterday trying to get all sorted out so I can get on the road again.  A 10:30 appointment with the Consulate in downtown and then 1PM with the dentist 15 minutes away.  Downtown Vancouver is a shock to my senses and my system.  And not just the drivers.  There has been a huge influx of Chinese escaping Hong Kong in the last 10+ years but apparently they drive differently there.  And for god measure it’s tourist season and all the standard retardation is in effect as well.  RV’s really should require a separate license.  Or maybe just being a tourist should…?

The Consulate is a trip… security guards(Canadian) are every where in every hall and all the inside doors are super thick and double bolted.  It’s like a fort inside.  But also like the UN… clothing ranging from Burka’s to business suits and everything in between and all here for the same thing… entry visa’s into the good ole’ U S of A.  Well… except me- all by myself at window #11.  Oh, and the gal behind me who was here on vacation and let her passport expire and she could not get back in.  I told her to go 60 miles east and tell then Elliott says you don’t need a passport.  She didn’t get it.

Took me 10 minutes to conclude my business… I fear many of my co-waiters were not so lucky.

I didn’t even have to pay for parking ($2 for 40 minutes… ouch!) as the car that parked on the street behind me is driven by a rider.  He is applying for a visa to ride to the US (he is actually German citizen married to a Canadian).  His wife stands in front of the meters for both of us so if the meter maid comes by she can drop the coins in the slot at the last minute.  I give her a toonie ($2 coin) and it’s waiting for me when I am done (her husband obviously was not as lucky as I).

Dr. Gill

Last year I went climbing in a place called Skaha, in central British Columbia.  I met a lot of nice people from the Alpine Club in Calgary via my friend Jackie who is a member.  One of the people I met was Maria, a dentist in Calgary.

When Jackie heard of my tooth problem she told me to talk to Maria.  Maria put me in touch with Dr. Gill, a classmate of hers from dental school who practices in downtown Vancouver.

He talks to me on the phone, tells me to come in when I can and gives me his cell number and tells me to call anytime.  I wonder if all Canadian dentists are this nice?  His staff is just as accommodating and helpful.  I show up, and 20 minutes later I have an exam and a reattached tooth and a very friendly bill.

It’s really good to know people who know people…

My border crossing was uneventful and I headed down Chucknut drive as recommended by multiple people.  It really was beautiful and the weather was perfect.  Sunny and no wind on the Sound made for a stunning ride.  I headed east up the North Cascade Highway(thanks for the suggestions Kat!) and it was also beautiful.  I kept heading east and finally decided I should probably stop, get food and look for a place to camp.  I got side tracked at dinner chatting with a couple Harley riders and it was 9PM when I started looking.  It’s also no longer light at 9PM and there was no moon which made things worse.  That’s how I arrived at where I started this edition…

So now I will attempt to upload some pics… we shall see how that goes!!!!

There are a couple extra pics from the ride into Pender… one is a dog sleeping on the back of a beat up pick up truck outside of Kamloops and the other is the temp gauge on my very dirty dash showing 96 degrees… and it actually runs a few degrees cool… it was actually closer to 100.

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