The Eagle Has Landed…

Woke up with my fingers crossed hoping that the motorcycle shop in Rochester would have the right chain to fit my Dad’s motorcycle. Turns out that they had one (literally just one).

Went out to pick up the chain and Dad went and got a couple tools and made bologna sandwiches and then we got to work. It took a little while to get it on, but we managed and now the bike rides so much smoother with that new chain. We probably should have changed it out a long time ago…

We finally get on the road around 1pm and headed east. My Dad is going to Manitowoc, WI to take the overnight ferry back to Michigan and I’m going back to Chicago. We rook some back roads but had to hop on the interstate for a bit. Of course, the adventure wouldn’t be complete without one last hurdle. As we’re cruising down the interstate, my Dad realizes (after someone pulls up to him and points and honks) that my other sleeping bag and tarp had come unstrapped and fallen off. At first I wanted to just keep going, but I changed my mind and we got off at the next exit and turned around and headed back. Sure enough, we spotted the flotsam about 5 miles back, went through one of the “police only” turnarounds, and went back for it.

Since we were in Wisconsin on a Friday, we stopped for a fish fry at a great roadside diner. It was fabulous. We then rode down to a break away point as I had to start heading south and he had to continue east. We said our goodbyes and parted ways. It truly was special to be able to spend a few days riding with my Dad. We had a great time, and of course, the mechanical problems we encountered only added to the adventure. I know he had a great time being back on the bike and I had a great time riding with him.

So, here I was, back alone on the road – 220 miles to Chicago. I just got on the interstate and settled in for the home stretch It’s been 7 weeks and almost 12,000 miles and just an incredible journey. I saw so much, met a ton of crazy people, encountered every possible weather condition, but the end was near and I was ready to be home.

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