Why Owe Ming

Why Owe Ming

Last night was a blast.  We went into town in Red Lodge and had a few beers and then dinner and then some wine.  Johnathan is getting a bit wigged out… every time we sit down at a bar the people next to us are from San Diego.  Tonight is no different.  Dennis and Barbie are on a long road trip hiking and climbing.  We talk to them most of the night.  The bartender used to live in El Cajon as well.  He’s happy he made it out alive.

Also saw the best bumper sticker of the trip (so far)… “If it has a motor or tits, it causes problems”.  We’ve chuckled more than once about that one….

The hotel in Red Lodge is PACKED with Harley people.  There are probably 40 bikes in the lot… ours are clearly out of place.

By the morning the skies are mostly sunny with some big black clouds around.  We are looking forward to a BIG day…  Bears Tooth Pass, Yosemite and Grand Teton, ending somewhere south of Jackson, WY.

As we move up the mountain, the clouds fill in.  The view is amazing up this valley- and as the elevation increases, it gets better and better with rain bows below us in the valley.  Unfortunately, with rainbows come rain.  It wasn’t anything hard, but as we got higher… it got much colder.  By 9000’ it was snowing.  Big wet flakes that stuck.  I have never ridden where I had actual snow accumulation on the fairing as I went.  It was actually really cool!  We were above the treeline and there was snow accumulating on the ground.  Seemed like we were in the tundra.

After the pass we headed back down into Yosemite.   Really cool park and some cool stuff to see for sure- mud and sulpher smelling pools and some gorgeous vista’s.  The tourons stopping in the middle of the road continue.  But sometimes they stop for buffalo crossing the road which is allowed and really cool to watch.  They are everywhere.

Straight into Grand Teton National Park.  Again- amazing.  The plains and the Snake River with a background of the high Tetons was impressive.

We pull into Jackson, WY.  I don’t know why some people call it Jackson Hole, but oh well…. There are some things I’m just not supposed to know.  It is a complete circus.  There are tourists and Harley peeps everywhere and traffic is a mess.  We have a quick beer at an incredibly touristy bar on the main drag to get the local info on where to stay.  Not much help there… they saw hit the KOA outside of town.  We do, and they want $40/night for a patch of dirt to camp on.  I rarely stand on principles, but this time I have to.  We move on.  We are currently in Alpine, WY at a state park.  Another free camping night.  In town the Saloon has typical bar fare… and free WiFi! and dancers at 10PM for desert… at least that’s what I hear… looking like it’s going to be a real sausage fest here… probably bail early tonight!

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